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From the Archives of the Raging Grannies of Westchester County New York


We Are a Gaggle of Grannies

Let the Whole World Sing

The Children of the World Have Names

All of Us Will Work Together

Children of War

The World We Want

Here's What We'd Love to See

War Is Making You Poor


The Environment

Let It Rain

The Climate It Is a Changin’

Oh Our Darling Oil

Shrink Our Carbon Footprints

We'll Learn to Live Sustainably

I'm Dreaming of a Green Planet


Nuclear Safety

Would You Rather Have a Nuke?


Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Give Us Back Our Constitution

The Vote Song

Treat Us the Same

Move to Amend

Free and Equal (Diversity)



Vets at Walter Reed

GI Joe


Health Care

Oh Medicare, My Medicare

Hands Off Medicare

Health Care Song




The Immigrant's Song


Taxes and Government Spending

Where Does Taxpayer Money Go?

Taxes Unending

Guns and Bombs


Ode to Millionaires

Stop Spending on War


Fair Trade

Fair Trade — Handmade Crafts

America, So Many Dreamed

Deck the Halls with Fair Trade